Here is where I will post a running list of any media I've ever been featured in or had a part in producing, broadcasting and publishing.

My video demo reel on my YouTube channel

— All videos there were self produced and in most cases also shot, edited, and animated by me as well.

I’ve been commissioned by H&R Group since 2012 to provide articles for their newsletter, website and other communications to customers to provide information for their inbound customers and new residents of Japan on their website,

These are a few of my syndicated stories that have been republished by the Associated Press, Reuters,

Tokyu Hands and the Quest for the replacement clasp

Sushi Making 101 at Sushi Zanmai Sushi School

The Technological Artistry at the Tokyo Game Show

The Lonely World of the Professional Pachinko Players

Cheerz: Gameified Idol Making

Sing EDM: Modernizing the Karaoke Industry

Towards A True Separation of Smoke and Space: Japan Tobacco R&D

A few back issues of RANmagazine where I served as co-founder and chief editor. While mainly being a print magazine, I also heavily used social media to advertise and market the publication.




You can see my current position at Tokyo Keizai University where I help manage the Global Lounge: .

— Everyday, I help guide students in their language and international education needs to prepare them to work and think internationally.

A writeup done in part with Starwood Hotels and their travel guide, Momentum.


This led to me being commissioned by the Westin Tokyo Hotel in Ebisu to create their Yebisu Neighborhood Guide.

Yebisu Area Guide|The Westin Tokyo

A few social media and blog postings for Japan’s most innovative job finding company Wantedly.

Running with the “big dogs” – the Wantedly way

Eating our own Dogfood: Open Lunches – the Wantedly way


You may find more of my portfolio and full CV by checking as well.